mediclinics is your ally in baby changing stations, electric hand dryers and personal hygiene and safety solutions for public restrooms.

Established in 1974, our company’s achievements stem from the synergy of five decades of market experience, coupled with an unwavering dedication to sustainability, quality, and innovation.

mediclinics, a family-owned enterprise, has risen to the pinnacle of the market through  its expertise in crafting, producing, and marketing diaper  changing stations, electric hand dryers, and public bathroom accessories. With a rich history spanning over fifty years, we take pride in delivering premium-grade offerings that cater to the requirements of our clientele across over 80 countries worldwide.

Being a frontrunner in the industry, we grasp the significance  of enduring partnerships  and strive to work closely  with our clients, providing tailor-made solutions to suit their specific requirements.

We have a team of highly trained and committed professionals, who play a fundamental role in the development and excellence of our products. Ranging from our pioneering design team that remains at the vanguard of contemporary trends and technologies, to our manufacturing unit that upholds unparalleled quality benchmarks for every item dispatched from our premises, every individual at Mediclinics is united by a dedication to excellence and customer contentment.

Our product portfolio includes a wide range of baby changing stations, electric hand dryers and bathroom accessories. These offerings ingeniously harmonize sustainability, energy efficiency, optimal performance, and elegant design. We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and provide solutions that improve hygiene, reduce operating costs and advocate for ecological sustainability.